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From the time , I enrolled and completed Neel's 30 days Better Food Photography course, there is a want to do more and better. I have been snapping my camera more frequent and am thoroughly enjoying it.
In this post today , I am sharing some of my favorite images captured in the month of March. I am not aiming at doing a picture a day , because it is definitely not feasible at this juncture. But what is possible is to make use of some time , as often as possible as many times a week and begin experimenting consciously.
A lot of people have written to me regarding capturing steam and admiring them .. I was really overwhelmed to see this . But I was not that excited as the ISO in the steam images below was really very high .

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Potato is such a versatile vegetable that literally it can be incorporated in any cuisine... They blend soo well in combination with other vegetables, that it should be known as the king of Vegetables , not Aubergine.. A king should be versatile , kind , well versed , accommodating  and what not.. And Potato it is,will be universally elected if ever a poll is being conducted !!

We , as a family love Potatoes any day.. Be it Jacket Potato with Cheese and Baked Beans  - The kids favorite , Herby Potato Rosti , Alu .. Aloo Paratha - Potato Flatbread ,Aloo Methi ParathaAloo Bonda , Aluu Tikki in chats  , Curries like Aloo Methi ki Sabji or Aloo Gobi or Aluuu Mutter and many more..
In different parts of SouthIndia,  we prepare Potato curry also known as Urlakayangu Curry | Fry in many ways . Either roast it , just saute it in tempered seasoning or just roughly mash the potato up and a million ways.

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I love White !! Be it an attire or pictures. My favorite choice any day.
I am a part of various food photography forums, where there is a lot of mutual learning involved. Over the last 5 years, I have progressed in my food photography  clicking really unpleasing pictures to nearly appealing pictures now. I am learning every single day with every new post, new images posted trying to understand how the image has been portrayed and why ?
One question I am often posed is How do you take food pictures on a white background , absolutely seamless. Can you share your set up please ? Subject shot on white background reflects absolute elegance,drama, Christmas-sy ,divine and what not.
Here is how I achieve it. There are two ways to do it. First method is Back lighting and the Second in Side lighting. For both the methods, we need to understand light  and use reflectors and / or diffusers depending on the light. Side lighting is my absolute favorite method and this lighting technique hardly fails anyone. In this post I am going to share how to achieve this perfectly back lit image.

What do we need for this ? 

  1. Subject | food you are going to Photograph
  2. A window covered with a white linen or a translucent sheet
  3. White Background - It can be a wooden board painted white or a white fabric/ linen or a white foam board
  4. Reflectors / Bounce –  Two foam boards or cardboard's wrapped with aluminium foils
  5. A camera placed on Tripod with Manual Settings

Here's how my set up looks like to begin with . 

Today's weather was cloudy .A white bed sheet is draped on my window , as the light through the window is harsh.  We are looking at a soft, toned light. Eggs tray loaded with eggs are sitting on the White wooden board , overlooking the window.
Basically when we call Back Lighting , our light source ( the window ) is behind the the subject. In this case the eggs.

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It was raining Cats and Dogs on Saturday Morning..and it was decided we are having soup for lunch . The menu was so apt for the weather . An hour after it was all ready, the sun was shining bright, rain drops cleared up from my french window and kids were all excited  to open up the door and start playing outdoor. Well that's the London Weather! Totally unpredictable. Thanks to the nearly perfect weather update on BBC, H did tell me the weather will improve. I didn't have the slightest hope though ...

Guess it was a week and half before,  PR firm and I were having a casual mail exchange about Soup Boosters. I was all excited to try the 4 flavors that were introduced new in the market. But when the courier arrived, little  did I expect the hamper to have a rustic wooden crate loaded with fresh vegetables and soup boosters - Aromatic Thai Paste,Wild Garlic and herbs,Roasted Moroccan and Mexican Chilli. Happy Feet indeed! The crate is a beautiful prop, any food blogger would die for.

Soup Boosters from the New Covent Garden Soup & Co are flavor enhancers. According to the recipe printed on the backside of the tubes, they ask you to squeeze in at least 1/2 the tube for 1 kg vegetable used for the soup. I so wanted to try the Thai Paste , but only when I went through the ingredients, I realised it contained Fish Sauce. Thank God !! I read the label.. I would recommend the company to label the paste V, if its suitable for vegetarians.

Let me warn you , this post is images Loaded. I just couldn't stop snapping .. If you would like to be a part of my photography exploration , continue reading...

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Vanilla Cupcakes

The New year has just begun and we are already in April . Time really flies.. or let me say , things have been soo buzy and hectic over the last 3 months ,we didnt realise we are in the fag end of the first quarter. We returned from a fantastic India trip early this January. After which my daughter - miss butterfly had been going through a rough face settling down in her nursery. This is for the first time ever, she is staying without me anywhere. Its being quite hard on her as ever since she has embraced this world, it has just been me and me all the time. Even though her best est loving dad or her favorite big brother would be around ,she would look for her comfort in my arms and around me .But its a stage where every kid battles, some accept it quicker some take a little longer. My missy battled, refused ,cried the whole sessions and finally now one happy Bee ! Ufff !!It took her nearly 12 begin enjoying her happy days.

Vanilla Cupcakes

After an awesome fun filled India holidays , I was still rejoicing for a month that I never mustered any enthusiasm to regular chores and blogging. Guess its just a phase. Once you start working on the first post, the want to do it better and more grows. In the month of March , I enrolled myself to Neel's LFP course and believe me it was an eyeopener. The course made me work hard with more dedication and brought out the better side in me. The lessons encouraged us to work multi angle, multi level and manifold. The month of March overall has been self rewarding and I have been pleased with the outcome after every lesson.
Vanilla Cupcakes

In the meanwhile , towards the end of March , gracefully packed parcel arrived. When I opened them ,we ( Miss Butterfly & me ) found a hamper inside a beautiful wicker basket with leather strapped locks and handle. In them contained a variety of Billington's Golden Icing Sugar, Billington Golden Caster Sugar, Nielsen Massey products - Vanilla Extract , Vanilla Pods & Vanilla Bean Paste and a recipe card for Nielsen- Massey's Vanilla Cupcakes.
This Easter, is teaming up with Nielsen- Massey and is going Vanillaa laaa laa as it celebrates the holidays with one of its favorite flavors Vanilla. There are many more recipes in my space where I have incorporated Vanilla as a flavoring agent - FairyCupcakes - my favorite one and the most popular recipe , chocolate cupcakes, coffee chocolatechip cupcakes

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