Cauliflower is UK's kind of staple vegetable and you get them soo damn clean, fresh and in different sizes that one will be tempted to just grab them off the shelf. I was in just a random shopping spree to get them home ,even if we have just had it that week.

Sometimes we tend to get soo greedy too .. That day when I picked this humongous extra large veggie the price was the same as any other x small or small. And that week , we had Gobi Paratha , Pav Bhaji , still nearly more than half Cauliflower left. I had to make something of its own to finish them all.. and I made Cauliflower Curry.  Just dry . No Masala No Onion No Garlic.

Growing up in a family where 1 kilo of Onions can last for Two months..  Amma would personally not prefer to use Onions in a lot of curry, There was as such no restrictions , but somehow she never liked it much. Moreover its a No No  , if its Tuesday or a Friday. And if there is a festival around the corner, Amma would not buy them at all. Now you could imagine how and why Onions could last soo long in Amma's pantry.

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Beverage | Fresh Peach Lemonade

Growing up as my Mumma's little girl , I have been drooling and gulping on all kinds of  fruit juices , I like .. Orange and Musambi Juice was mean't to be had at the Juice Centre.. Off course who doesn't love the Sugar cane juice.. A visit to Malad station or weekly vegetable shopping is incomplete without Sugarcane Juice and some chat from our regular chat vendor.

In the month of summer , Amma /Appa would bring baskets of  Alphonso Mangoes and let them ripen under stacks of straw .. As Kids, impatiently we would move the fodder every now and then to check if its all done .. The moment Amma would ask one of us , my brother and myself would have a rush run to grab one ...carefully feeling if its slightly soft and the lively Yellow Color. Aaah and by chance if we spot any dark spotted on them , it would worry us .. and we would carry it to Amma.. But that would call for extra treat.. More slices , more Mango Juice or Mango Milkshake . Sometimes with dollops of White Vanilla Ice cream.. .. Slurp...
Then some Banana Milkshake .. ( I totally hate them ... ) Really cannot stand that fruit in anything...( but I do love the sweet Banana's roasted in jaggery) , Chickoo Milkshake.. , Watermelon Juice, Pineapple Juice and many more...

Remembered a period from my schooling, when I was moving up to Standard 10 , all gearing up for my big year, Amma and my brother had to travel to Bangalore... I was home with Appa for about 10 days.. The first time ever... But believe me . .we had such a fun tastic diet those 10 days.. I still cherish. As I vaguely remember ...

Wake up to Appa's extra dosed Sugar Coffee , Butter laddened Toasted Bread..  After returning from summer classes, I would have a course of Nei Rice and some Curd rice. Then again some Mango Milkshake treats with tons of ice cream during the day and night may be...  It was an awesome time... Every day would be a different treat... Thank you Appa..

Because when Amma would return , she would sort our meals with a right sort of balance of everything...  But now I  can totally relate to it...
As a mother of Two , I am always upfront saying " No "and "We have had enough this week and sooo forth..." whereas H doesn't leave a stance to pamper them wherever required.. It doesn't really mean, we don't enjoy the kiddo things any more or enough treats... Guess that's a Mommy's affair !!!

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Watermelon Juice - Summer coolant Drink

Water Melon Juice

Drinks mania continues... Something I did not expect to do it in a row :) During my Weekend Indian Grocer trip , the large sliced Watermelons caught my eyes.. I really don't know for what , but I kept debating with self, whether to buy or not to.. This fruit has been my absolute favorite in my Bangalore days.. Friends and family visiting home , would be treated to a virgin Water Melon Juice for sure , if not slices.. I remember getting a few cousins addicted to this hydrating fruit too..  But sadly after we moved to UK , ever since then , I have lost my addiction .. touch...
Only when the summer comes , do I get to spot this Green skinned with a red pulp fruit. My non stop banter within myself continued and finally I loaded a 2 Kg piece in my car. I had then realized, my missy has never been exposed to this..

Water Melon

As we unloaded the boot full of rarely found grocery - Lol  . I meant to say that we don't find it locally , she looks at this fruit , with a puzzled look asks me " What is it called Amma? " Gently slided her fringe of her face and said .. " Yummy Yumm - Water Melon ".. She looks at the seeds and says nah.. Seeds.. Shreya can't eat Watermelon seeds in them. I find it soo cute and innocent... Sliced a couple of pieces and got the seeds out ... and placed it in a plate for her. Seeing H and me drool and enjoy our slices, she picked her plate and tried her slices. Its tasty !!
WaterMelon Juice

Sometimes.. the need for the little ones to like something , but knowing the fact forcing is going to turn them off is total anxiety as parents. One successful Water Melon mission.
 The remaining One Kilo went into the blender and out came the Juice . Did I tell you the new set of glasses and the apparatus kind of bottle is my loot from the weekend car boot Sale ?

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Food Photography - May 2015 #foodphotography

The Month of April has been eventful and full of learning's. There was a time until last year, where I would shy away if I had to click raw ingredients , vegetables , fruits or anything, Cooked food was good anytime.. not the best. Cupcakes used to be fun and is...
But now I try to address them as a challenge and enjoy whenever I find a new Hero. Vine tomatoes are my favorite....  This month , I handpicked some Beetroot and oh what fun I had with those gorgeous beauties..
Then we had some splish splash splosh time..  There were soo many watersplash images over the web in Feb and March , that I had make an attempt.. With no strobe , no remote .. I was thinking whether can we shoot it ? Chatting with another fellow blogger - Sujatha , she casually charted out the image layout for me.. In a few days down the line, I tried my hand and finally captured one!!  Here it is .. What a pleasure isn't it.. when you put down your learning's together..
That day I decided to buy myself a Remote for the camera.. And finally it arrived last week!!

Shooting top down again is something that I don't do much.. Firstly because i have to do handheld and its bound to shake with my tremble hands.. Arranging them and clicking them was all the more fun..Two backgrounds for top down - White background and Black Background. One loosely arranged and one tight packed... I personally preferred the tight packed on a black surface.. How about you??
 Shall we snack some ??

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Mango Lassi

Six Years Ago, I drafted my first post,around this time, this month. With no humble intention to write a fancy blog or share recipes ,I began to copy recipes from my family into drafts. But over a period, I had friends occasionally asking me, if  I could share a recipe with them. As  I vaguely still remember , that was the day when I let me blog post live to the public, but reverted back to personal once they tried the recipe on.

Mango Lassi

That day I didn't know this was just beginning !!Its my blog's 6th Anniversary this month. As every year passed by,my posts in terms of write up, pictures have become better than before. With every new post, I am learning everyday and there is a want to reproduce pictures absolutely real and make them look like ready to dig in or sip in .We all live in this materialistic world and learn a lot from others.

Looking at other blogs , reading their stories and pictures, sometimes you get transported to their world. Many times we are awestruck with the way things are depicted. At that juncture, I have just got inspired and try to understand How ? and Why ? Today's blogging and WordPress platform has become a lot more competitive than when I stepped my baby footsteps into this humongous world.
Here is a peep from when I started to where we are today!!

5 Years Back - Belated Birthday Bloggy
4 Years back -  SK turns TWO !! Happy Birthday . Celebrations with Singara.
In 2012 and 2013 , I had a taken a long sabbatical , not knowing if ever I will return to blogging.
2014 - Was a new comeback .

Mango Lassi is UK's favorite drink among st a lot of people. My family, in particular my son is no different. He loves his Mango lassi and would end up ordering in restaurants whenever we frequent or pick a bottle of Mango Lassi from our Costco Visits.  SO when half the tin of Mango Pulp was left out after making Mango Lemonade , I quickly whizzed up Mango Lassi or call it Aam ka lassi with just basic ingredients , available at home. Slurp !!!

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