Mango Lassi

Six Years Ago, I drafted my first post,around this time, this month. With no humble intention to write a fancy blog or share recipes ,I began to copy recipes from my family into drafts. But over a period, I had friends occasionally asking me, if  I could share a recipe with them. As  I vaguely still remember , that was the day when I let me blog post live to the public, but reverted back to personal once they tried the recipe on.

Mango Lassi

That day I didn't know this was just beginning !!Its my blog's 6th Anniversary this month. As every year passed by,my posts in terms of write up, pictures have become better than before. With every new post, I am learning everyday and there is a want to reproduce pictures absolutely real and make them look like ready to dig in or sip in .We all live in this materialistic world and learn a lot from others.

Looking at other blogs , reading their stories and pictures, sometimes you get transported to their world. Many times we are awestruck with the way things are depicted. At that juncture, I have just got inspired and try to understand How ? and Why ? Today's blogging and WordPress platform has become a lot more competitive than when I stepped my baby footsteps into this humongous world.
Here is a peep from when I started to where we are today!!

5 Years Back - Belated Birthday Bloggy
4 Years back -  SK turns TWO !! Happy Birthday . Celebrations with Singara.
In 2012 and 2013 , I had a taken a long sabbatical , not knowing if ever I will return to blogging.
2014 - Was a new comeback .

Mango Lassi is UK's favorite drink among st a lot of people. My family, in particular my son is no different. He loves his Mango lassi and would end up ordering in restaurants whenever we frequent or pick a bottle of Mango Lassi from our Costco Visits.  SO when half the tin of Mango Pulp was left out after making Mango Lemonade , I quickly whizzed up Mango Lassi or call it Aam ka lassi with just basic ingredients , available at home. Slurp !!!

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Try this perfect Lemonade for a refreshing drink this Summer ! A must try recipe recommended for all, who love mangoes and a hint of lemon.

The weather in UK is unpredictable. I am not sharing any new fact here.. It has been known for centuries. We visited Spain two weeks ago and the weather was hot , a little bit humid , but totally worth it, getting dressed down in shorts , skirts ,dresses , crocs , hitting the beach and getting basked in the sun. That Tuesday night , when we landed back at London Heathrow, the pilot announced the wind was 35 Mph earlier that evening and it had calmed down to 22 Mph. Sigh !! Still it was terribly breezy and cold , waiting those 10 minutes for the cab to arrive. We covered ourselves with our first hoody layers , still shivering inside them. The Taxi arrived . With heaters switched on, inside the car , we were all feeling cozy and slowly getting to normal.

Two days after, the Sun is  still shining bright again, with no signs of  stormy winds or dark overcast.  Well that's the weather in UK ! When the sky is all clear , with sun shining bright , I like to put on my aviators and go for a stroll to pick my elder one from school , rather than driving down. Good days like this doesnt last very long but surely brings out the best in us and helps us push our boundries...  Did I mention before , the prop boards I paint has a deep connection with weather .
This post is yet another picture heavy post . For an elaborate virtual treat join me further ahead !

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Whats your Sunday's lunch Menu? Every house hold must be having a routine and fixed family favorite menu for Sunday's lunch. We all used too.. In my maternal house , I have grown up enjoying Aloo ke Paratha's served with Amul butter and tomato ketchup .Followed with that , a course of curd rice is a must at home. We did not stand a choice to turn down having a portion of curd rice then. Some Sunday's it used to Vegetable Pulav with yogurt and some Rice along with Yogurt and tiny bit spicy pickle.

In H's house it used be altogether a 360 degree opposite cuisine menu. Ever since he has realized, my MIL has been making Onion Sambar along with Potato roast for Sunday's lunch .Even today , when we visit India during our vacation , my MIL follows the ritual.. This combo  is just unbelievably awesome. You must try it at least once , to believe it to be too good to be true.
This Archavittu Vengaya Sambar , belongs to Palakkad Cuisine and is so so versatile , it goes well with tiffin items like Idly's,Dosa's, Pongal, Adai, Vada and many more.
Archavittu in tamil means ,ground mixture. There are a 50 ways to make Sambar, either with coconut or without , with readymade Sambar Powder and so forth.
There are few other Palakkad Cuisine recipes in this space - Molagooshyam , Mathan Podithuval /Pumpkin Coconut Curry , Beetroot Curry , humble Potato curry , Mangakari - Raw Mango Pickle , Pulikachal - Puli Inji

As promised in my earlier posts, I am bringing to you yet another family favorites with no alternations , no flairs and no pom poms.

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We had planned our escape to Spain , not actually knowing what to expect in terms of weather , food and tourism. Pictures do speak a 1000 words and Internet has got abundant information on what to do and what not.. But are they true to what it is ? Guess everyone's perception is different. Being a Human, comparing places is completely normal. We visited La Sangrada Familia , Costa Brava , Montserat  , Blanes Beach & Market, Park Guell  and the famous Ramblas market .
Come read along and explore Spain virtually through my lens and stories. This is picture heavy post!!!

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A decade ago , when we were newly married and were learning to be independent ,every new task , new chore , new routine , new guests used to be a challenge. Managing work and home together was a hooligan task. Waking up early in the morning at 6 am to let the doors open for the maid was soo hard.. that I would let her in and go back to bed, believing she would be truthful and do a fair job.  I was lucky, she was !!! But I was 22 when I got into this beautiful bonding....

So when the weekend arrived , I wouldn't care to do anything , but to snooze into my comforter and laze around until 10 am , may be 11 too :) . One of those weekends, when I was still tucked in my checked pajamas's  with my hair all tied up, stretching my arms right , high up in the air and relaxing my body  walked in to the kitchen. And it was a sigh !!!!
H had woken up couple of minutes , may b an hour early  and decided to treat his beloved partner ( me) with a breakfast he can cook up. He first made me a Cup of Filter Coffee.. Its a bliss !! Any day until today , I first need my cup of Coffee , now Tea before I get onto any chores. Those 10 minutes on my own , gives me time to rejuvenate, plan my day .
Clean worktop , chopped potatoes , sliced onions and sizzling sound coming from the wok, I was a little puzzled. Clueless ly , I kept peeking at whats going on . He then tears the slices of bread by his rustic hands and sets them aside. Knowing that I am totally flipped out, he gently holds my hand and says "enjoy your TV time " and I will be back in a couple of minutes with our breakfast.

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