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Easy Zingy Fruity Mocktail recipe in under 15 Minutes
Pomegranate Mojito

For some reason, I still feel we are in mid September. The weather has been fabulous last week, infact it felt so much like Indian summer . All that the weather demanded was some cool breezy clothing and a glass of cocktail / mocktail and laze in the garden. Play with the kiddos , paint some prop boards and just enjoy the last lag of bonus weather.  But nothing of that sort happened !!

Pomegranate Mojito
Instead we decided to utilise the gorgeous weather and stepped out to Bicester Village, the designer outlet. We enjoyed the drive with some classic music and the non stop chitter chatter in the backseats from the kiddos. When they actually snooze, it feels like everything has come to a stand still :)

I am pretty sure, this weather will not last long on the cards. It does feel chilly in the mornings and late evenings. The leaves on the trees are changing colors , some of them have began to fall .  Hello October !! Its Pinktober !

Pomegranate Mojito

Since we did not get anytime to stay indoors over the weekend , the mocktail plan got pushed to the weekday  i.e Today !!! Though the weather sucked, raining non stop .. this pomegranate mojito was the best thing I could say happened today in this weather.

Pomegranate Mojito

Making this drink is pretty easy, if you have all the ingredients ready and stacked up. Since I was sure to make this breezy fruity zingy drink around the weekend, I made my limeade concentrate ahead in time. It is simple, just incase you decide to make it at home. For recipe - click here. To 1/4 th cup of the concentrate, I added 3/4 cup of water to make my Limeade. Also got some help from the kiddos to make some fruit ice cubes..
Without much a do , lets head straight to this colourful zingy sparkling mojito.  

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Fruit Ice Cubes - Kids friendly task #fun #kidsfriendly

Fruit Icecubes

Very rarely I would draft a post the day I click pictures.. With a never ending list of pending tasks in my daily schedule, I would take 3 days to complete a post usually.
Since this post didn't not demand an elaborate affair, I decided to jump the queue of posts and get this up straight away. No banters , straight to the point.

Pomegranate Seeds

 I am planning to work on a set of mocktail recipes over the weekend so as a matter a fact I wanted some fruit ice cubes to jazz up the look and feel of the drink. I picked up 2 ice trays of different shapes and one mini muffin mould.  Preparing these ice cubes can be done with the kiddos of any age. Bet they will enjoy. My toddler, aged 3 and the so called big boy had fun doing them . It is as simple as it looks !

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My first introduction to Panna cotta has been online, a couple of years ago with a countless shares from so many people on Facebook, websites, blog and what not..  A couple of further reads online led me into an understanding that Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert that is made with sweetened cream ,thickened with gelatine and moulded. 

It is such a fun dessert that can be tailored and altered with the right proportion of liquid to Gelatine / Settling agent. I haven't blogged about it before, but the Panna cotta bug has caught me . I have made this slurping dessert - 5 times in One month.. 

My missy who is finally 'Three' - the trouble maker phase , loves her Nestle's Rolo Dessert pots. They are creamy chocolately with caramel centred in the little tubs. Every trip to the super giants and we have them coming home...  Couple of month's passed by and I am not very pleased buying them for the little lady all the time.. It was then the pan cotta idea struck my mind !!!

 I so wished I had an Indian store, locally to buy agar agar and make the dessert. Driving 7 miles just to buy 1 single ingredient is something that I would never do . Rather decided I will settle in for Gelatine .
Being a vegetarian by birth and choice, Gelatine is not in my best cooking ingredient. It is not that I wouldn't have any gummy bears or jelly's if someone offer's me. But I am not happy about buying them . Having said this, If I am left with no option easily available I might end up buying them too.

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It was 17th of this month, that my little missy turned Three Years old..  An age where they become independent... A stage where the toddler makes their own decisions to suit their choices. They stand by them by hook or crook !!Fall on the floor rolling, Throw anything they can get hold off anywhere, bang their head , wee purposefully on the carpet, cry until they fall sick and what not...
Luckily lil miss doesn't do any of these at the moment.Touch wood !!! But her tantrums are different in her own ways!!

My lil miss wakes up in the morning and decides her outfit for the day, her footwear that she feels could pair and her accessories . She even wakes up many morning's now, deciding her chocolaty breakfast ... setting her own conditions... Its such a cute stage, where I feel like giving up on  everything she says..  But being a parent, we need to inculcate goodness, righteousness and mannerism in our children and that doesn't permit me at all...  I set my foot down saying  NO !! and a  condition to contradict..  Infact it was last week I started her Wee training and I had to trade in a sketch pen( she calls them markers) every time she wee-ed in the toilet..   Strange conditions and rewards isn't it ??
Really do not know what else is in stock for me ?? And what are the new challenges I m going to face  in this new Terrible Three Stage.

A few days before that, I had decided to make her birthday cake that we cut on the D- Day evening , after daddy and big brother return from work and school. So we went some candle shopping, picking her Pink No 3 one. A few more things to make it her perfect evening with the family. The big party with friends is planned for the weekend and a lot of things need to b sorted for that.
She has already decided about her Peppa Pig Cake that she wants to cut in the party, some Hello Kitty decorations , a pretty dress and more...  Thats completely a girly affair, I guess !

Two days before the birthday, the mother in me had decided to bake a cake for my daughter's perfect day.. Ingredients check done and we have everything needed for the Cake . A check box ticked in preparation. Guess on the 15th evening or so, when I was Facebook hopping in routine, came across a  Motion Oats picture posted by Sreelatha of Framed Recipes and I have been awe struck how its beautifully done. A few minutes later, Dolphia from Story of Cooks ( as I call her the Motion Queen ) replied with a few pointers.. And that was it !!! (( Don't forget to check out their blog's .. Its lovely ) It was around 6pm in the evening and I decided to give it a go.... With my camera on tripod and a remote in my hand , I sifted flour for a couple of minutes... and caught so many motion images...

Sigh!! An evening when I felt totally excited for achieving what I have been gawking at many times. The only slight hitch was the higher ISO I was shooting at.  So the next morning, I sifted the flour yet again, then some chocolate powder and what not...  Practice and Practice is all that is needed.

Don't forget to check out the recipe for this delicious eggless cake that is right at the bottom...
Did I tell you before ? There are many more celebration chocolate cake recipes in this blog. Before I forget any further let me list them all one by one.
The ever popular Chocolate Cake with Nutella Biscoff Spread and decorated with shards
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
An Eggless Chocolate Indulgence Cake
Indulgence Layered chocolate cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Tiramisu Cake
Chocolate Pound Cake

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No Bake Oats Chocolate Granola Bars with just 7 Ingredients

At home both the kiddos have different take on food and their palette demands a different delicacy.While one enjoys Chocolate, other does not .One loves his traditional dessert dunked in Jaggery( Brown Sugar) whilst other can't stand the smell of it. Missy enjoys her Garlicky wheat crackers whilst V adores his Oaty meals. Guess as parents all of us would be sailing on a boat with both the oars not in sink with each other on many occasions.

Nearly half of Scottish Old fashioned rolled oats has been sitting up the shelf for a couple of months now. Everyone practically ignoring and putting it way for a later breakfast or a meal. Since these oats were slightly chunkier than the Quaker oats, the father son duo didn't not prefer it for breakfast. But they do love their porridge with some Golden Syrup or some Honey drizzled onto the top.

The day the school reopened earlier this month, I found a lot of time for myself. A perfect day to rejuvenate doing things I enjoy. The mother baker in me evoked and I decided to bake some Granola bars, as i had read in a few blogs. Gracefully put on apron, collected all the things I felt could pair well and my well trusted The Hummingbird Bakery cook book.

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